Relais in Assisi near the Upper Basilica vacation in Umbria

Distinctive Relais in Assisi located near the Upper Basilica, Petrata Castle rests inside an outdoor park that stretches over 20 acres.

A suggestive sight where one can find a garden, a solarium, orchards, olive groves, truffle grounds, a forest, an afforestation range, meadows, a small lake and a pool for an upper degree of comfort.

At the Relais there are areas dedicated to recreative activities for children to play and for sports, bocce fields plus special facilities for target bow and crossbow shooting as wel as the Relais‘ tennis court.

Assisi is also outdoors entertainment, with a 18 station long fitness trail, designed for enjoyment near the scenic beauty and impressive skyline that tower over the upper Tiber valley in a very particular way.

Several zones are within reach by using existing roads and paths from ancient times that were restored for the hotel’s use, accordingly furnished with appropriate signs.

Der park