Hotel for Wellness in Umbria vacations in Assisi

 The Hotel for Wellness in Umbria, Petrata Castle is the ideal location to indulge oneself with a relaxing, rested stay thanks to the presence of its modern spa.

A unique, distinctive place because it is designed for an individual couple, devised to guarantee absolute peace and privacy, by offering a priceless multisensory experience and Hotel style services.

Only 5 kilometers away from quaint Assisi, putting at your disposal comfortable, elegant interiors,  a hotel-like structure equipped with sauna, hammam, jacuzzi, relaxation lounge, emotional paths and Kneipp, perfect environments to relax and heal both body and mind, also aided by soothing herbal teas, paired with homemade desserts and fresh season fruit salads.

The atmosphere remains pleasant and intimate due to the internal play of light and use of candles, tavertine stone and small waterfalls carved in the walls.